Why Herbal Me?

The wonders of Mother Nature are the greatest gift of God to humanity. The gems of nature are abundantly rich in infinite therapeutic and rejuvenating qualities. And, the revitalizing Herbs make us beautiful naturally.

There are many products in the market that claim to be natural or herbal or organic. So, it sometimes becomes difficult for consumers to pick which brand to go with. Here are some reasons why Herbal Me is your best choice when looking for natural skin and hair products.

We are Internationally Certified

We are a provider of naturally made products. All the products made by Herbal Me aim to deliver best results and are 100% Chemical Free and Herbal. We are certified by ECOCERT, Greenlife (France) for organic and natural products. We are also HALAL, PETA, ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certified. These certifications further reinforce customer confidence in Herbal Me products.

We Use Natural Therapeutic Ingredients

Our products contains natural therapeutic ingredients, such as Turmeric, Margosa (Neem), Holy Basil (Tulsi), and more. Unlike other chemical products, our products target the prime cause of the problem and help the body to heal naturally.

Not Tested on Animals

We do not test our product on animals. We are certified by Peta for that. We test our products ourselves, because our product are 100% herbal, so there is no harmful effects. Most of the products are tested by our founder, Bindiya Rawal. Thus, being chemical free, our products are also cruelty free as well.

Organic Products with Ingredients from Organic Farming

We use ingredients from organic farming in our products. These organic ingredients are most nutritious and purest, thus providing pure nourishment to our body. Some of the organic farming products that we use are Saffron, Lawsonia Inermis (Henna), Beetroot, Hibiscus.

Natural remedies are used to cure common ailments for centuries. They have also proved to be very effective in many lethal diseases. Herbal Me products are the concoction of natural remedies which target the prime cause of the problem to heal it naturally.

Benefits of Natural Remedies

● Has been with us for millennia
● No harmful side effects
● Utilize the body’s natural healing process
● Can be consumed without the aid of prescription
● More productive in comparison to other forms of medication

The Products of Herbal Me DO NOT contain

● Parabens                                           ● Silicones
● Ammonia                                          ● PPD
● Mineral Oils                                      ● Alcohol
● Synthetic Fragrance                       ● Preservatives
● Triclosan                                            ● GMO
● Corticosteroids                                ● Paraffins
● Synthetic Dyes                                 ● Artificial Colors
● Peroxide                                             ● Sulphates
● Phthalates                                         ● Emulsifying Agents