About Us


HM Enterprises Company

Herbal Me is an initiative, a movement, to reconnect mankind with nature.

We are a provider of herbal hair and skincare cosmetic products, organic and natural. The products made by Herbal Me aim to deliver best results. All our products are 100% Chemical Free and comprise of Herbal botanicals only. The herbal ingredients have been approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE (France) which is a globally recognized certification body to develop standards for Herbal cosmetics, worldwide. The Herbal cosmetics manufactured by us are HALAL compliant, and thus are permitted under Shariah (Islamic Board guidelines). Our products are not tested on animals and are approved by PETA India as Cruelty Free and VEGAN. Herbal Me is an ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certified Enterprise adhering to the highest standards for Good Manufacturing Practices.


A great believer in the power of nature, Bindiya always had a keen interest in Ayurveda and natural remedies. She was always experimenting in the kitchen making face packs and oils with natural ingredients, easily available at home. She would buy things from the market, add an exotic ingredient and come up with a totally new product. Till date she is experimenting with new recipes, in search of natural solutions. When results of her experiments started to show on her skin and hair, people got inquisitive to know about her body care regime. As a result, she started giving out samples to her friends and family. This created quite a stir and she built the first set of a dedicated audience. This was also when she decided to take it a notch higher and build it into a full-fledged professionally managed enterprise. A glorious result of that is Herbal Me by H.M. Enterprises.


Bindiya Rawal, an under grad from Presentation Convent School followed by graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce (Delhi University) has led a life on her own terms. Coming from a business-oriented academic background, she has managed to apply her skills on the professional front effectively. Bindiya started working at the young age of 21, where she was in the business of exporting sheet glass. This was then predominantly a male domain, but she became one of the very few women who undertook the work with equal tact and finesse, if not better. Later on she added a travel agency to her profile.This is when she started following her passion for travel. By mixing her love for travelling with her skill of handling business, she created nothing but phenomenal success.


Our endeavor is to uncover the most exotic secrets of nature and bring them to you through our certified 100% natural, totally chemical free and organic products. We aim to totally eliminate chemicals from our daily body-care regime. Our customers are more than happy with our products and this is a constant motivation for us to do better. We are now channelizing this positive energy into innovation of newer and diverse products. Research and development is already on for herbal Hair cleansers and conditioner and also Herbal Body wash.

Mankind has to understand that although the chemical based cosmetics deliver faster, they take away a bit of us every time we use them. It’s time to get in touch with Mother Nature, it’s time to get Herbal Me!


What started off as a day-to-day kitchen project is now a well established enterprise and growing rapidly. In a very short span Herbal Me has made a very strong foothold in the European and South Asian market. We have an ever expanding audience, which motivates us to do better, innovate and diversify, into other categories and products. We are very keen to offer our products, which have been made with so much passion and hard work, to the whole world and thus take our traditional Indian knowledge at a global level. Through Herbal Me, Bindiya dreams of restoring everyone’s faith in the magical power of mother nature, by delivering the purest part of it in the form of her products.