Soap Free Face Wash

We need to wash our face every day,to clean it,to remove the impurities,the dirt and germs that we face everyday.

We come back from the days work all dirty and sweaty and want to clean our face before going to bed,we use a chemical based Face wash not knowing what Havoc  it can play with our system.

Do u recall the old times how our grannies used to wash their face and his glowing their complexions were.They used gram flour ,lentil pastes,sandalwood,turmeric tulsi etc to keep their face clean n young.They never used soap on their face.The moment one uses soap the ph balance of our skin goes for a toss leading to dull dry skin..So why do it when we can have an absolutely clean and clear skin without any chemicals.

What is herbal me Soap Free Face wash.it is a unique mixture of oatmeal,almonds ,green gram,rose petals ,turmeric,holy basil,orange peel all powdered finely in a  stainless steel box which is best suited for it,understanding the fact that we are all running against time and cannot follow a daily routine of raiding the kitchen and fixing a Face wash for everyday use.

So herbal me Face wash is made keeping in mind our daily requirement for gentle washing to remove fresh tan and dirt,its exfoliating effect with the goodness of almonds ,oats,turmeric ,rose petals,orange peel etc makes it an excellent face wash,it does not lather because it does not have any chemicals to make it foamy it scrubs but yes very gently,can be used everyday,washes away your dirt so no blackheads at all,just beautiful soft clean skin that u will love.

It is easy to use ,wet your hands,sprinkle some herbal Me face wash pwd and gently scrub,you will realise that your face looks much cleaner and softer.it does not remove your eye make up,no issues gently remove your make up with extra virgin coconut oil and then use Herbal Me face wash ,voila clean clear skin that breathes.

Why use chemicals if natural works so well.

Trust Herbal Me because  now it is certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE,France,which is the largest certification body of the world for organic and natural products.

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