Hair Oil v/s Hair Spa

Do you remember Sunday mornings when you were growing up. How your mom would make you sit in front of her, and then apply Oil on your hair…good old champi with mustard oil or coconut oil..Olive oil was considered too luxurious and not readily available. Everyone had to get an oil massage come what may. A good head massage followed by aloo puri, Mahabharata on TV and then we would take a bath. Result… good strong ,moisturised ,trouble free hair. Reason : The Oil massage increases the lubrication and conditions the scalp, increases blood circulation, strengthens the roots and removes dryness.We never complained of dryness and slow growth of hair. In fact there used to be just basic shampoo, even conditioner was not readily available..yet our hair were beautiful,strong  lustrous, full of body and healthy.


Now what is the scenario..Oiling has become too tedious a task ,one goes to the parlour loads the Hair which huge amount of chemicals , coughs up a good amount of money and gets a hair spa done,loves the effect it give which is just for one day sadly ,soft lustrous hair but alas the happiness lasts only for 1 day.Why do we have to give our hair so much chemicals when we can avoid it completely by just oiling our hair with hair oil that not only makes your hair soft but also gives it all the nutrients needed. Our hair needs good balanced meal just like we do.


We know and read a lot ,amla is good for hair,fenugreek (methi Dana)  paste works like magic for hair,curry pata makes your hair dark and strong……blah blah blah,but do we have the time to use all this regularly. In the present scenario where we are all working throughout the week ,one holiday Sunday and for the lucky few probably Saturday as well ,we barely have time to really do a lot for our hair ,do what should we do..just a simple Oil massage with an oil that gives your hair all the nutrients it requires to make and keep it healthy through out the week.

A good oil massage with Herbal me hair oil is what your hair needs.Herbal Me has all the ingredients which makes your hair healthy ,nourished,promotes growth,negates the effects of all the chemicals that you use on your hair like  colouring etc..The unmatched concoction of five oils no not the fancy ones just the basic coconut,sesame,almond,olive and castor infused with fresh amla (the superfood for hair), curry patta (now you know the secret behind the heavy lustrous hair of the women of south of India), fenugreek seeds (methi Dana), Mint leaves ,Henna powder ( our magic Indian hair conditioner) and lots more.The magic does not end here all this in bottle which has more herbs which makes our oil even more effective.

So do whatever you wish to do to your hair ,curl it ,blow dry it,iron it but please Oil your hair.give it the food it needs and then watch your hair grow and flourish.

Last but  not the least Hair Colors,in the present times everyone is using hair color these days.Earlier there used to be an age when we would get grey hair,now age is no criteria , pollution , stress ,unhealthy life style ,chemical treatments all these have lead to greying of hair at a very early age.Thus all of us have resorted to colouring our hair without realising the consequences…Result greying at a faster rate , massive hair loss ,dry brittle hair.

Herbal Me gets back the glory of your hair, restores the moisture ,stops Hairfall and makes your hair healthy.just an oil massage and no need for a spa..The herbal fragrance of all the goodies that have gone in can make the smell intimidating but it is worth it.

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